Rwanda Monitoring and Evaluation Organization

Reg. No642/RGB/NGO/OC/01/2020

Under Law No04/2012 of 17/02/2012


 About RMEO

Rwanda Monitoring and Evaluation Organization (RMEO) is a Rwandan local non-Government organization made up of “voluntary persons” and “corporate members” whose aim is to promote professional monitoring and evaluation practices. RMEO mission is to cultivate the highest professional standards in monitoring and evaluation practice and theory through highly skilled and motivated members and promote a nationwide culture of using evidence-based data to inform the decision making.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) plays a critical role in supporting evidence-based decision making and strengthening development outcomes. Promoting M&E knowledge sharing is a critical part of the Global Evaluation Initiative’s work, and is the inspiration for gLOCAL Evaluation Week which will take place between May 31 and June 4, 2021.

Event Description

In Rwanda, this event will be virtually facilitated by RMEO and will be dedicated to responding to the following thematic questions:

  • How can innovations in evaluation approaches and methods improve our understanding of efforts to build back better after crises such as COVID-19?
  • What have we learned from evaluations about effective responses to past crises – i.e., ‘what worked’ and ‘what didn’t work?

Event sessions are organized as follows:

May 31June 1June 2June 3June 4

 About Global Evaluation Initiative and gLOCAL Evaluation Week

The Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI) is an inclusive partnership responding to the global demand for better Monitoring & Evaluation. It brings together governments, citizens, and experts to support countries in strengthening evaluation and monitoring systems and capacities. As a global partnership, its work aspires to make meaningful contributions to Evaluation Capacity Development. It is in that framework that GEI is convening the 3rd annual gLOCAL Evaluation Week to help promote Local and Global Monitoring and Evaluation knowledge exchange and capacity development.

As designed, the gLOCAL Evaluation Week, is a week dedicated to global knowledge and experience sharing events related to monitoring and evaluation (M&E) topics. This year’s event will be a virtual opportunity for RMEO members to interact with others interested in M&E around topics related to lessons learned from effective responses to past crises such as COVID-19 and the use of innovations in evaluation approaches and methods in improving our understanding of efforts to build back better after crises.

Process of registration for the event

The entrance is free of charge. If you wish to join, please use the link below to register for the gLOCAL Evaluation Week event:

If you have any issue or query, please contact RMEO Management via:

Done at Kigali, May 6, 2021

RMEO ManagementAttachment: PDF iconRMEO Evaluation Week in Rwandaafc992c304f2cafacbc57348da188a0a.pdf

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