Job Summary;

The Inspector is responsible for contributing to the BNR’s mission of ensuring a sound and stable financial system by designing, planning, and implementing an supervision’s IT audit programs taking into consideration its risk assessments

Key responsibilities;

  •  Identify potential IT risks and related issues by applying knowledge of Information Technology industry trends and present IT environment.
  •  Perform the required IT audits of the organization as an individual or working in a team, following both established department procedures, standards and good practices such as COBIT and ITIL.
  • Produce inspection reports on issues identified, recommendations, and action plans to address the findings.
  • Follow up on inspections and audits findings to ensure issues identified are being addressed by banks and track all documents required to satisfy compliance.
  • To review internal audit procedures, regulatory framework related to ensure tools and frameworks for IT supervision are keeping up with information technology trends and emerging risks.
  • Participate in developing and implementing a detailed audit plan that takes into consideration risk assessment, goals and objectives of supervision.
  • Take part in IT support, fraud investigations, major cybersecurity/ IT initiatives and projects as well as in reviews of security systems and internal controls under development.
  •  Prepare reports, memos and technical notes for various correspondences with banks for management’s review.
  • Devise, participate and conduct training on IT security programs.
  • Handle other duties as assigned by supervisors to assist with the effective supervision of banks.

Qualifications, Experience and Skills

 Education and Experience Requirements

  • Atleast Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, in computer science, computer engineering or any relevant field.
  •  Minimum experience of 3 years in IT Systems Audit or Information Security of banks, audit firms or similar financial institutions.
  • CISA professional qualification or other related professional qualification from reputable institutions.

Skills and competencies required

  •  Strong analytical skills.
  •  Strong interpersonal skills.
  •  Experience in working with a wide range of stakeholders and teams.
  •  Excellent written, verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  •  Able to work independently and under pressure or ad-hoc assignments.
  •  High level of personal drive, and ability to multi-task;

Maximum Age: 35 years


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